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The Good Girl

That is … uhm … amazing! Here is the first porn production released under a creative commons license.

It is called “The Good Girl”, a 20 minutes film directed by sweet Erika Lust, who describes it as “the classic “pizza guy” porn flick revisited by Erika Lust, an indy porn director who added humour, passion and a female perspective to this porn cliche.“.

Although the attribute “average” applies to most aspects (from video quality to plot, not to mention the actors themselves…) it is still remarkable she released the shortfilm under a free license. Kudos, Erika!

Oh, one more thing: Unless english with a heavy (spanish?) accent is a turn on for you — do yourself a favour, turn the sound off and have something from your mp3 library instead. 😉

Please note that this movie contains explicit sexuality and is most likely not suitable for minors!

You can download the movie from this page. It’s roughly 80MB and you need the free Quicktime player (although it says ‘.avi’ on the intro page — just ignore that) to watch it.

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