Dita goes kitchen!

Rasterbated Dita (thumb)

Done! A friend* had this Dita von Teese picture printed on some professional heavy duty plastic mesh stuff for us and it took us roughly three month to get her up there.

The picture itself is cropped out of some other (not even high resolution) Dita picture, I did that just for fun while playing around with the Rasterbator (a software to create huge, rasterized images from any picture) and we ended up taking the very first version for the final print.

First we had to figure out how to best attach this beauty to our kitchen wall: we finally decided to build a wooden frame (3m by 1.5m!!) with three vertical bars, cover this frame with 8mm chipboard (that’s not as thick as it sounds by far!) and paint it white. Arrange the picture. Staple gun. Attach to wall. Done.

Well, almost. It was quite an effort to get everything crinkle-free but it worked out very nicely. Just look at the sheer size, I left the door and the table so you get an idea of the scales.

Now there she is, giant size Dita on our kitchen wall (here is a high-resolution version of the picture above) 😉

* Update: ‘a friend’ complained about not being mentioned personally. So here goes the privacy: Specials thanks go to Felizitas ‘Fee’ for the professional print! Fee: and now I want your comment below 😉

16 thoughts to “Dita goes kitchen!”

  1. ….dont’t do that with me. I was just joking!

    But I thank you for the nice footnote and accept thanks, even when I feel a bit sheepish about it 😉

    By the way: nice kitchen, nice picture, nice work – well done!

    Take care!

  2. Hi,
    very nice picture! May its possible you can tell me were i get this piczure? I want to print it in black/white for my Livingroom.

  3. I know this was posted ages ago and you probably won’t even notice this post, but culd i have a copy of the original image used to create this if you still have it?

    I would make a great wallpaper.

  4. I’m sorry but I decided not to distribute the “original” picture. Mainly because I don’t want to be pestered by moronic copyright lawyers but also because it’s no biggy really. The original pic (IIRC) wasn’t even suitable as a wallpaper for anything above 1024×768 — that’s why I chose “Rasterbator” to blow it up to this size. Actually I don’t even know if I still have the original.

    If you really really desperately need it I suggest you use “dita von teese” over at images.google.com — don’t forget to set safe search to “off” and probably limit search results to “large images”. Good luck! 😉

  5. Hello,

    one question. Where can I get this wonderful picture. It´s absolut the best picture I ever seen.

    Pleas give me a advice.

    Thank you.

    Best regards


  6. This is a wonderful piece of art! Shame you don´t have the rights over this picture cause you would sell tons of this print looks like!
    Excellent idea, i guess i will look to doing something like this for my big white living room wall 😉

  7. Did you put any form of protective layer on the papersheets once you put in on the painted chipboard? (plastic foiling, etc… washable, ..?) Matte or glossy? To avoid damage or splashes whatsoever? Any other peeps with experience in this ‘qualification’?

    Thx already

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  9. Hi. Yepp. 2022! I hope someone still sees this. I can’t find the original image and would really like to. This is perfect for my dorm room. Can you please help me and send me a link to the original image?

    1. I’m really only replying because a question on a 16 years old post totally deserves an answer. Unfortunately I don’t have the original image any longer, sorry.

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