Finally … the end of god?

I’ve been preaching 😉 this for years now: Religions have always been, are and will always be the root of all evil and suffering (Hint: Here’s a list of wars — sort out those wars with no religious connection at all…)

Anyway, today I came across this Spiegel Online article: Happier without god (the article is in german — you can try a google translation for a laugh). Discovering kindred spirits on this highly emotional subject always feels good, but in this special case it is exceptionally joyful. Let me try to translate the first chapter:

Richard Dawkins, zoologist from Oxford University (remark: … which was already 659 years old when the united states of america declared their independence from Great Britain, just to give you an idea ….) is standing in front of the altar, enjoying to see the church fully occupied. In best British English he states: “The god from the old testament is a misogynic, homophobic, racist, genocidal, sadomasochistic, unpredictably evil tyrant.”

While I don’t fully comprehend what ‘sadomasochistic’ has got to with it, I totally agree on the rest. The whole article is great fun to read and strongly recommended.

Apropos recommended: I must admit I have not yet read a single one of the mentioned books but I’ll put them on my ‘need to order stuff from amazon’ list. Here they are:

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