Autumn Inspired by InterfaceLIFT I did my first photographic wallpaper (the first which is suitable for a general audience that is).

I did not do too much to it, cropped it a little bit (mainly to get the different aspect ratios) and very little color correction (saturation and contrast).

Choose your resolution below (click here to see your screen resolution):

Widescreen 16:10: 2560×16001680×10501440×900
Regular 4:3: 1600×12001280×10241280×9601024×768

How do you like it?

Even more wallpapers

A site listing “free wallpaper collections” recently made it into the top digg-stats (actually into the ‘design category’ which is on the sidebar here as well) — so I thought I’d post a follow-up here as well. While I personally still favour InterfaceLIFT (very high resolution AND widescreen images) here’s two other sites worth browsing:

  • Backgroundsarchive
    Loads and loads of categorized wallpapers, quite a good collection of seamless tiles as well, no widescreen formats, though
  • Caedes
    Another huge collection, seems to have a focus on computer generated images, hires but no widescreen formats as well
  • mandolux
    Real high-res — wallpapers spanning up to three desktops!


Free Wallpapers. Really free. Hi-Res and Widescreen.


I know, there are gazillion webpages offering ‘free wallpapers‘. Well, most of the times you end up running a tool like Spybot to remove the crap from your hard disk after a short visit. After you killed roughly half a gazillion gambling, life insurance, porn or pharmacy popups, that is.

Anyway, there is a sweet collection of high-resolution wallpapers over at InterfaceLIFT. Most of them come in widescreen versions as well, no pop-ups, no registration, no hassles. Enjoy!