What am I wearing?

Bah. Tagged by Nike. I’ll answer this right away (you could have caught me in moments WAY worse than this) .. only I’ll backdate the answer for exactly one year as I’m blogging in German now, simple as that. As far as I remember there’s no rule on how to date blog posts, right? 😉

So, I’m in the office. I could wear suits but that’d be somewhat overdone here as nobody else does. The joys of medium-sized IT companies. NOT!

Anyway – here we go:

  • Black Calida boxer briefs (the tight ones) — yes, Swiss bodywear. Just great. Oh, and in case you were wondering: I’d rather go naked than wear Calvin Klein crap. Just so everyone is clear and ON NOTICE!
  • Dark blue Mexx jeans, five pockets, pretty straight forward, nothing special at all.
  • Some red-greenish striped Hilfiger button-down shirt. Yes, the colours are kind of weird, but I’m not alive until roughly two hours after I got up, so colour blindness is the least of my problems in the mornings. And while I don’t wear a suit I couldn’t care less for the shirt. Also see: next item.
  • A thin black fleece. Thin. Black. Nothing special.
  • Black socks. As in: open drawer. Take out sock. Take out another sock. Repeat until any two socks look more or less the same. Return other socks into drawer. They are all black, so what’s the point in keeping them in pairs?
  • Black Vuarnet sneakers. Yep yep. French shoes. Great as well.

So — looking over this list makes me look like a brand dork. Well, I’m not, but how would you know? 😉

2 thoughts to “What am I wearing?”

  1. I bet you would — but it’s highly unlikely I’m reading your blog at that time, so …. 😉

    Why don’t you drop over and check out for yourself? 😉

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