Avatar Porn will destroy us all

In Anlehnung an Junipers Beitrag mit dem “Portrait of The Na’vi People of Hometree Wisconsin” hier die … eh … Vorhersagen von Chuck Wendig:

First — blue cat-slash-goat people run around half-naked. They’re topless. You catch all their curves. Right there you’ve got that anthropomorphic furry-esque hook — “I want to bang savage blue animal people” — which is probably the easiest and most obvious fetish connection in the film. And Cameron knew it. He had a design goal: “Make the blue chick fuckable.” I’m not kidding.

Der gesamte Artikel ist äußerst lesenswert. 🙂

Worst Music Video EVER!

Worst Music Video ever

There it is. The worst music video ever. Period. There is nothing more to add, really. Too bad it comes with an awfully catchy tune.

The google video tagline says: “An 80’s Finnish music video called “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny” … I personally have never heard of them and I guess that’s not without any reason.

Anyway, they seem to be serious about it. Watch it. Listen to it. Suffer!