Flash classics — still quite amusing

Fuck her gentlyThese are not new by far and in times of googe video and YouTube google video they don’t exactly represent bleeding edge web technology, but I believe they are nevertheless quite funny.Not Smoking is dangerous

Fuck her gently” is funny yet weird and pretty explicit (as far as non-hentai animation goes) so you probably do not want to watch this in the office with your colleagues around. If I’m wrong — tell your human ressources department to contact me for a resume.

The other clip’s title “Smoking Kills” is somewhat misleading: Actually not smoking kills (and we are talking big scale apocalyptic armageddon here, not the usual wee eco ‘your smoke kills me’ gripe). A quite funny mockery with a nicely done soundtrack.

So have a look and — as always — you need sound to enjoy these.

Free Porn

The Good Girl

That is … uhm … amazing! Here is the first porn production released under a creative commons license.

It is called “The Good Girl”, a 20 minutes film directed by sweet Erika Lust, who describes it as “the classic “pizza guy” porn flick revisited by Erika Lust, an indy porn director who added humour, passion and a female perspective to this porn cliche.“.

Although the attribute “average” applies to most aspects (from video quality to plot, not to mention the actors themselves…) it is still remarkable she released the shortfilm under a free license. Kudos, Erika!

Oh, one more thing: Unless english with a heavy (spanish?) accent is a turn on for you — do yourself a favour, turn the sound off and have something from your mp3 library instead. 😉

Please note that this movie contains explicit sexuality and is most likely not suitable for minors!

You can download the movie from this page. It’s roughly 80MB and you need the free Quicktime player (although it says ‘.avi’ on the intro page — just ignore that) to watch it.

Update: I had to disable commenting for this article due to massive comment spam. :-/

Worst Music Video EVER!

Worst Music Video ever

There it is. The worst music video ever. Period. There is nothing more to add, really. Too bad it comes with an awfully catchy tune.

The google video tagline says: “An 80’s Finnish music video called “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny” … I personally have never heard of them and I guess that’s not without any reason.

Anyway, they seem to be serious about it. Watch it. Listen to it. Suffer!



hilarious interviewThat’s got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. I have no hard evidence but I believe this is a fake (call it ‘male intuition’ *gg*).

I also haven’t got a clue what this is all about, seems to be dutch (someone has just come back from a hospital or what?). Doesn’t matter, though. Watch it!

(You need sound output)

Update 2007-06-06: There’s a version with background information and german subtitles at youtube now. 😉

Wedding gag?

Bride and Bridesmaids in bondage (bound and gagged)

Just another boring wedding.

And quite frankly (that’s me being something like an ‘other people’s weddings & baptisms veteran‘): Most of the times people don’t really have to say anything to each other anyway ….

Too bad this is the only picture from that wedding …

Update:  Good news! These are NOT the only pictures from that wedding!  Check out Max Wellton’s comment below and see the rest of the wedding here.

Thanks for this update, Max!