Manah, Manah

manah manah

Those were the days! I stumbled upon this original muppet version of “manah manah” which really brings back childhood memories. 😉

To be honest .. I found this over at Fleshbot when they featured an even older clip from a swedish softcore lesbian movie (which received a remarkable 8.0 out of 10.0 in viewer reviews over at!!) — but who needs naked girls in saunas if you can look at these weird puppets?

4 thoughts to “Manah, Manah”

  1. Oh, did you know Joshua chose “Mana Mana” as a name for his pirate ship, just because he likes the song so much? 🙂

    Bilbo told me some 10 years ago about the lesbian porno… it’s really amazing that YOU didn’t know it yet. 😉

  2. Don’t know. You tell me. Although I could come up with quite a few people for whom “naked. women. camera.” fully qualifies as lesbian pr0n. 😉

  3. Pfff, I’m totally disappointed in that clip, that’s more like a documentary, except that in reality no one would be wearing any towels, and probably they wouldn’t stay out for so long but rather just go out, roll in the snow/jump in the water and then go back into the sauna.

    I actually liked the muppets manah manah clip better.

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