hilarious interviewThat’s got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. I have no hard evidence but I believe this is a fake (call it ‘male intuition’ *gg*).

I also haven’t got a clue what this is all about, seems to be dutch (someone has just come back from a hospital or what?). Doesn’t matter, though. Watch it!

(You need sound output)

Update 2007-06-06: There’s a version with background information and german subtitles at youtube now. 😉

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  1. It is about the people who came back from hospital, and after the surgery, their life was not the same anymore (didn’t get exactly why). But after the first breakout, the interviewer asks something about their sexuality – if their sexlife has changed as much as the rest.

    The guy at the end (from the audience) tells that he has received some kind of surgery on his vocal cords.

    Quite funny, but I do believe it’s a fake. 🙂

  2. Hm, I am not sure about the Dutch. He repeatedly sais “excusez”, which is definitely French, so I’d take a guess it’s Flemish. Any other language which might mix French could be Luxembourgian, and that sounds a bit different, I think.

  3. The Language is Flemish and the guy is just coming out of surgery. The language has no imporatance, the key is that the guy went for a throat surgery and instead, the doctor cut his testicles by mistakes (which explains the high pitch voice ? and the laughter. Nobody knows what ever happened to the anchorman…probably demoted to the parking lot maintenance at the station.

    Not a fake I am told by a Flemish friend


  4. Hello again….look at the following link….finally, according to this gentleman, the clip might actually be a setup sketch


    …. I thought it was real for a long time but it is a skit from Flemish sketchshow “In de Gloria”.
    The chap being interviewed has had his testicles removed by mistake during an operation.
    You have to feel sorry for the guy but…..

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