Strictly symbolic


Weird. I’ve been googling for a site exactly like this: A free source for symbols (or pictograms to be more precise) and could not come up with one. So here it is:

Map Symbols & Patterns for National Park Service Maps. As this is an US government site, I assume these symbols are free to use. I couldn’t find anything regarding copyright on their site, so drop me a line if you have details on the usage terms.

The site features different sets in .pdf and .ai (Adobe Illustrator) vector format. Enjoy!

A colourful blend of … err … colours!


That’s one cool web-service– say you need a set of ‘matching colours’ (for whatever fancy reason): Pick a base colour and let colorblender do the rest. (Doesn’t seem to work for me, though: Everytime I start with a colourful theme — say, for a website like this — I end up with a friendly set of grayscales. Uhm…)
Anyway, this site must have been one of the early birds when it comes to building something actually useful right within the web 2.0 hype.

Apropos web 2.0: Tim O’Reilly himself wrote a nice article on web 2.0 — have a look a the web 1.0 –> web 2.0 comparison list …

Update: Here’s another one — Colorjack! A tad more complicated and loaded with features. Enjoy!

Revocation of Independence

I simply LOVE this text. It turned out not to be written by John Cleese (according to this ‘Urban Legends Reference Page‘) but that doesn’t exactly devaluate it.

Meanwhile there are many many versions around (distinguishable mostly by the number of listed points) but this is the one which has been accredited to John Cleese and it’s also the one I got to read first quite some time ago. Just that I didn’t have a blog back then to annoy you with the text.

Here’s the full text: Read More


hilarious interviewThat’s got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. I have no hard evidence but I believe this is a fake (call it ‘male intuition’ *gg*).

I also haven’t got a clue what this is all about, seems to be dutch (someone has just come back from a hospital or what?). Doesn’t matter, though. Watch it!

(You need sound output)

Update 2007-06-06: There’s a version with background information and german subtitles at youtube now. 😉

Wedding gag?

Bride and Bridesmaids in bondage (bound and gagged)

Just another boring wedding.

And quite frankly (that’s me being something like an ‘other people’s weddings & baptisms veteran‘): Most of the times people don’t really have to say anything to each other anyway ….

Too bad this is the only picture from that wedding …

Update:  Good news! These are NOT the only pictures from that wedding!  Check out Max Wellton’s comment below and see the rest of the wedding here.

Thanks for this update, Max!