Worst Music Video EVER!

Worst Music Video ever

There it is. The worst music video ever. Period. There is nothing more to add, really. Too bad it comes with an awfully catchy tune.

The google video tagline says: “An 80’s Finnish music video called “I Wanna Love You Tender” by Armi & Danny” … I personally have never heard of them and I guess that’s not without any reason.

Anyway, they seem to be serious about it. Watch it. Listen to it. Suffer!


John Ashcroft porn

Ashcroft porn face

This is not even remotely new but I figured it would be a good idea to join the nearly endless list of blogs featuring the face of John Ashcroft made entirely from porn images.

Those of you not familiar with american ignorance politics might vaguely remember the name as “Hey, isn’t that this hilariously funny hardcore religious fundamentalist retard from The People vs. Larry Flynt?? — well, yes, that’s the one. Additionally he used to be the Attorney General of the United States and you better bet he still is somewhat influential on american ignorance politics.

So here is the photomosaic of John Ashcroft — and there is a larger version (1.200×1.800px) as well.

Oh and by the way … if you look at the larger version and go like … “Ah … I know this one … and her as well … oh, and she’s here, too ….ah, the goth series …” then … well …. don’t worry. That’s ok. 😉

Miserable Failure?

Oh well … it’s been a year of google bombing now but as this obviously continues to bring joy and happiness to the civilized world I thought I might as well have the links here, too.

The only remaining issue is: google results on failure (or miserable failure for what it’s worth) will still point to the president’s webpage even after George Double-Oh is gone … then again, the next president will inherit quite some problems worse than this, no?

Even more wallpapers

A site listing “free wallpaper collections” recently made it into the top digg-stats (actually into the ‘design category’ which is on the sidebar here as well) — so I thought I’d post a follow-up here as well. While I personally still favour InterfaceLIFT (very high resolution AND widescreen images) here’s two other sites worth browsing:

  • Backgroundsarchive
    Loads and loads of categorized wallpapers, quite a good collection of seamless tiles as well, no widescreen formats, though
  • Caedes
    Another huge collection, seems to have a focus on computer generated images, hires but no widescreen formats as well
  • mandolux
    Real high-res — wallpapers spanning up to three desktops!


What am I wearing?

Bah. Tagged by Nike. I’ll answer this right away (you could have caught me in moments WAY worse than this) .. only I’ll backdate the answer for exactly one year as I’m blogging in German now, simple as that. As far as I remember there’s no rule on how to date blog posts, right? 😉

So, I’m in the office. I could wear suits but that’d be somewhat overdone here as nobody else does. The joys of medium-sized IT companies. NOT!

Anyway – here we go:

  • Black Calida boxer briefs (the tight ones) — yes, Swiss bodywear. Just great. Oh, and in case you were wondering: I’d rather go naked than wear Calvin Klein crap. Just so everyone is clear and ON NOTICE!
  • Dark blue Mexx jeans, five pockets, pretty straight forward, nothing special at all.
  • Some red-greenish striped Hilfiger button-down shirt. Yes, the colours are kind of weird, but I’m not alive until roughly two hours after I got up, so colour blindness is the least of my problems in the mornings. And while I don’t wear a suit I couldn’t care less for the shirt. Also see: next item.
  • A thin black fleece. Thin. Black. Nothing special.
  • Black socks. As in: open drawer. Take out sock. Take out another sock. Repeat until any two socks look more or less the same. Return other socks into drawer. They are all black, so what’s the point in keeping them in pairs?
  • Black Vuarnet sneakers. Yep yep. French shoes. Great as well.

So — looking over this list makes me look like a brand dork. Well, I’m not, but how would you know? 😉

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

Yet another Microsoft tool which doesn’t look all that bad at first sight! Windows Live Writer is a somewhat like a blog-enabled wordprocessing software. The interface is intuitive and I have yet to see an easier setup: Enter your blog’s URL, username and password (you may want to create a dedicated ‘author’ user just in case….) and off you go: Live writer will detect you’re using wordpress and find all necessary settings automagically.

Working with Live Writer reveals some major drawbacks right at the first post: while picture handling basically works OK’ish (e.g. pictures are resampled if you scale them — no feeble-minded scaling with height/width tags), the tool cannot left/right align pictures nor can you add hyperlinks to pictures (WTF?) and the picture upload doesn’t follow the (configurable) wordpress scheme (the pictures end up in strange ‘livewriter’ sub-sub-sub-folders.
You can however open and edit older posts from the blog and categories seem to be fully supported — but that’s about it.

So, if you don’t fancy the wordpress built-in ‘visual rich text editor’ you might want to give this tool a try, although I’d strongly advise against opening existing posts which are too complex or trying to blog with hyperlinked and/or aligned pictures in a post.

And as you probably need to do some final ‘finetuning’ online anyway I personally don’t really see the point in using this tool. Sorry, Redmond.

Behind every strong woman …

Britney Spears Sculpture… there’s a man staring at her ass?

Well … most of you will have seen the ‘Birth of Sean Preston’ sculpture showing Britney Spears on a bearskin. While I exceptionally despise her music I found that I somewhat like this sculpture or rather the fact that she had Daniel Edwards make it. He called it “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston“.

This statue is (or has been) shown at the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York — now as the average american is shocked by a baby magazine showing a breastfeeding mother I can vividly imagine their reaction to this sculpture.

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Free Wallpapers. Really free. Hi-Res and Widescreen.


I know, there are gazillion webpages offering ‘free wallpapers‘. Well, most of the times you end up running a tool like Spybot to remove the crap from your hard disk after a short visit. After you killed roughly half a gazillion gambling, life insurance, porn or pharmacy popups, that is.

Anyway, there is a sweet collection of high-resolution wallpapers over at InterfaceLIFT. Most of them come in widescreen versions as well, no pop-ups, no registration, no hassles. Enjoy!

Fire and forget for META Tags

I’m not deeply involved in the SEO business but it’s generally a good idea to get those META tags straight. If you are only remotely as lazy as I am you will probably welcome Richard ‘Rich’ Boakes wordpress plugin ‘autometa‘:

This plugin will automatically generate and include HTML Meta Tags and Technorati Tags based on the full text of your post.

It’s as easy as it sounds. One hint: If you add this plugin to your wordpress site, it seems you need to edit the already existing posts (Edit –> Save) before you get tags for them.