Behind every strong woman …

Britney Spears Sculpture… there’s a man staring at her ass?

Well … most of you will have seen the ‘Birth of Sean Preston’ sculpture showing Britney Spears on a bearskin. While I exceptionally despise her music I found that I somewhat like this sculpture or rather the fact that she had Daniel Edwards make it. He called it “Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston“.

This statue is (or has been) shown at the Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York — now as the average american is shocked by a baby magazine showing a breastfeeding mother I can vividly imagine their reaction to this sculpture.

By the way: This is the same Daniel Edwards who did the ‘Hillary in lingerie‘ bust which caused another outraged uproar on the seriously braindead bigot front.

Anyway … to get back on the topic … while this sculpture kept popping up in the media everywhere and while everyone would only show pictures like those in the original catalog … I started wondering what it may look like from … well … behind.

A little google, some flickr later and without further ado: Here is Britney’s vagina featuring ‘the head of her son Sean Preston‘:

Britney Spears Sculpture (Thumbnail 1) Britney Spears Sculpture (Thumbnail 2) Britney Spears Sculpture (Thumbnail 3) Britney Spears Sculpture (Thumbnail 4)

I believe the two photos on the left are actual shots from the sculpture while the other two seem to show the cast for the final work (need this as a desktop background? just asking.)

You can of course google for more or look around at Flickr.

And when I said I could imagine the general public’s reaction to this sculpture, well, probably I didn’t think along a flat enough line … get a taste from the readers comments on this blog from California yourself:

This makes me wish I was dead.

That is so fucking gross. Just disturbing. I don’t know what else to say. I am ready to throw up.

I’m totally disgusted. How is this a pro-life monument? Is this like the time they made sculptures of Jesus out of feces?

This goes on and on and on …. the few sane comments are easy to miss … like this one:

(..) Brit had an elective c-section, which means she chose to have her stomach cut open, which is far more disturbing than a baby coming out of a vagina, which is where it is supposed to. You people are wimps! most of you, and the vast majority of the billions of people on this planet, came out your mama’s vag. and many women give birth on all fours–we actually are animals you know! its sad that so many people are scared by birth–its actually can be the most empowering experience in a woman’s life. interesting how its okay to look at a woman shoving a 12-inch dildo in her poonan and a massive buttplug in her rectum, but babies being born–oh, the horror!
you all need to get out and live a little!

So finally there is hope left?

P.S.: And after all … Madonna cannot be wrong, can she?

3 thoughts to “Behind every strong woman …”

  1. I love “the seriously braindead bigot front” bit. 🙂

    I like the artm although I think it does not even remotely look like Britney at all. The face, I mean, I cannot judge the back part… *fg*

  2. Oh, and: As a mother who had the priviledge to give birth once, I seriously doubt that she _would_ have given birth in that exact position. Even if she had not chosen the section (which most celebs do, because it is easier to regain their old shape in two weeks when NO baby went the way it was supposed to).

    Of course the cited commentor is right, and being on all fours is a good position to give birth. But when you do, you would not stretch your butt _up_: That would mean you’d have to push the baby _upwards_ instead of downwards, which agrees more with the laws of gravity. And believe me, when giving birth, you try to ally with every bit of gravity that is offered.

    One of the worst positions, btw, is lying on your back. Strangely most women still believe this is what they should do.

    Anyway, I live the sculpture as a piece of art, but it does not display reality – which it of course never intended to do, so what the heck. The position is very easily seen through as a male phantasy – I’m ok with that. 🙂

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