Holy fashion

Holy Fashion

Yet another idea I totally envy: A holy fashion thread (did I hear you yell “BLASPHEMY!!” … ? … *evilgrin*). Actually there are two threads now (part one and part two) and some of the ideas are quite inspiring.

I still favour the ‘opening picture’ (small thumbnail on the right). Compared to others from the thread this work is actually quite ‘young’ (it was done by Clovis Trouille in 1944) but I can well image how our beloved religious fundamentalists reacted upon it back then. 😉

Anyway, like I said — besides some average pics the galleries feature some pretty nice and exotic works!

5 thoughts to “Holy fashion”

  1. WTF? o.O

    You’re way too fast, I was just about to apologize for ignoring the rest of your beautiful site when I was pointing at the holy fashion threads only … but I guess that has got to wait until tomorrow … 😉

  2. Yep, there are nice ones among it. Though I never really grabbed people’s phascination for the sexuality of nuns and priests and such. Well, there’s a playground for everybody. 😉

    It’s a nice forum, by the way.

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