Invidia et Acedia

Suzanne with Armadillo

When I referred to the forum threads on Suzanne’s site as “another idea I totally envy” that was supposed to be my only daily sin.

I really should have taken the time to look around. Sparked by her comment I went back and found an extensive site, packed with beautifully grotesque stuff.

You might get comparable results if you had an extremely skilled and completely psychopathic bunch of scientiest blend William Hogarth, Oscar Wilde and Marilyn Manson, but for starters: Here’s her site 馃槈

Holy fashion

Holy Fashion

Yet another idea I totally envy: A holy fashion thread (did I hear you yell “BLASPHEMY!!” … ? … *evilgrin*). Actually there are two threads now (part one and part two) and some of the ideas are quite inspiring.

I still favour the ‘opening picture’ (small thumbnail on the right). Compared to others from the thread this work is actually quite ‘young’ (it was done by Clovis Trouille in 1944) but I can well image how our beloved religious fundamentalists reacted upon it back then. 馃槈

Anyway, like I said — besides some average pics the galleries feature some pretty nice and exotic works!


Autumn Inspired by InterfaceLIFT I did my first photographic wallpaper (the first which is suitable for a general audience that is).

I did not do too much to it, cropped it a little bit (mainly to get the different aspect ratios) and very little color correction (saturation and contrast).

Choose your resolution below (click here to see your screen resolution):

Widescreen 16:10: 2560×16001680×10501440×900
Regular 4:3: 1600×12001280×10241280×9601024×768

How do you like it?

Flash classics — still quite amusing

Fuck her gentlyThese are not new by far and in times of googe video and YouTube google video they don’t exactly represent bleeding edge web technology, but I believe they are nevertheless quite funny.Not Smoking is dangerous

Fuck her gently” is funny yet weird and pretty explicit (as far as non-hentai animation goes) so you probably do not want to watch this in the office with your colleagues around. If I’m wrong — tell your human ressources department to contact me for a resume.

The other clip’s title “Smoking Kills” is somewhat misleading: Actually not smoking kills (and we are talking big scale apocalyptic armageddon here, not the usual wee eco ‘your smoke kills me’ gripe). A quite funny mockery with a nicely done soundtrack.

So have a look and — as always — you need sound to enjoy these.

Free Porn

The Good Girl

That is … uhm … amazing! Here is the first porn production released under a creative commons license.

It is called “The Good Girl”, a 20 minutes film directed by sweet Erika Lust, who describes it as “the classic “pizza guy” porn flick revisited by Erika Lust, an indy porn director who added humour, passion and a female perspective to this porn cliche.“.

Although the attribute “average” applies to most aspects (from video quality to plot, not to mention the actors themselves…) it is still remarkable she released the shortfilm under a free license. Kudos, Erika!

Oh, one more thing: Unless english with a heavy (spanish?) accent is a turn on for you — do yourself a favour, turn the sound off and have something from your mp3 library instead. 馃槈

Please note that this movie contains explicit sexuality and is most likely not suitable for minors!

You can download the movie from this page. It’s roughly 80MB and you need the free Quicktime player (although it says ‘.avi’ on the intro page — just ignore that) to watch it.

Update: I had to disable commenting for this article due to massive comment spam. :-/

Crystallized music

from the Giant Steps storyboard

According to Michal Levy Goethe once said (or wrote, for that matter) “Architecture is crystallized music“. So she took John Coltrane‘s jazz piece “Giant steps” and created an astonishing animation to visualize the tune with abstract architectural shapes.

The work is not exactly brand new, she did it as her graduation project for the visual communication department of the “Belazel Academy of Art and Design” (Jerusalem) in 2001 but I came across her homepage today and thought I’d better blog this 馃槈

So watch the movie here (2:15 min.), make sure you have your sound up and running and probably bring a little patience as well, the file is 4.8MB and might take a couple of seconds to load (depending on your internet connection of course).

It is wonderful, is it not?

Zoom the quilt

Screenshot from 'Supercoolpic'Art on the internet often is a mere reproduction of offline art (pictures, videos, audio and combinations thereof) — that is different with this (mildly) interactive project by Nikolas Baumgarten, a young german graphics design student.

His homepage is a nightmare but with “Zoomquilt” he created a rather unique piece of art. While the idea itself is not new at all (I even vaguely remember having seen somthing similar before) this one is very nicely done.

According to his homepage the work is to be found at but there seem to be technical problems with the links on this page.

Have a look at it eBaum’s World instead. Although we hate eBaum’s World. But this is gonna cost their bandwidth, so I guess it’s ok. Just don’t click anything else.

Dita goes kitchen!

Rasterbated Dita (thumb)

Done! A friend* had this Dita von Teese picture printed on some professional heavy duty plastic mesh stuff for us and it took us roughly three month to get her up there.

The picture itself is cropped out of some other (not even high resolution) Dita picture, I did that just for fun while playing around with the Rasterbator (a software to create huge, rasterized images from any picture) and we ended up taking the very first version for the final print.

First we had to figure out how to best attach this beauty to our kitchen wall: we finally decided to build a wooden frame (3m by 1.5m!!) with three vertical bars, cover this frame with 8mm chipboard (that’s not as thick as it sounds by far!) and paint it white. Arrange the picture. Staple gun. Attach to wall. Done.

Well, almost. It was quite an effort to get everything crinkle-free but it worked out very nicely. Just look at the sheer size, I left the door and the table so you get an idea of the scales.

Now there she is, giant size Dita on our kitchen wall (here is a high-resolution version of the picture above) 馃槈

* Update: ‘a friend’ complained about not being mentioned personally. So here goes the privacy: Specials thanks go to Felizitas ‘Fee’ for the professional print! Fee: and now I want your comment below 馃槈

Do your own flash videos

Although being quite a bit on the early adopter side, I’ve never been knee-deep into video formats at all. I can tell a codec from a codex, been playing around with divx and sorts but that’s about it.

Today I was asked if I could “make this video be on that webpage“. WTF?! Simply embedding an .mpg was a no-go right away, I hate it when people do that, it looks crappy and at least on windows platforms it is never completely hassle-free.

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